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Venkata & DFY Weight Loss Sites Team This Side,

The weight loss industry is a large one, and there are immense opportunities looming in it.

Yes, that’s true!

  • Would you believe if I say that the market size, measured by revenue of the Weight Loss industry, stands at a huge $3.8 billion in 2022?
  • ​And the global Weight Loss Supplements market is expected to grow to $55.41 billion by 2026,
  • ​Whereas the overall Health & Fitness market size is over $470 billion.

What Do These Numbers Show?

It clearly indicates that many people are…
  • Looking to lose weight,
  • Indulge in a diet program,
  • Read guides to help them lose weight, 
  • Undergo slim courses, Indulge in a diet program,
  • Get healthier and fitter
  • And much more… 

2023 is almost here. You may see many people making resolutions to shed weight, get healthy, and look fitter in the New Year. Yep, a survey reveals that about 52% of the World’s Adult Population Trying To Lose Weight!

Do you know why?

The Picture Is Crystal Clear!

Add a relevant image
A Large Chunk Of People Wants to Lose Weight!
And, It Means You Have A Great opportunity Waiting To
Cater To Their Demands And Make Big Bucks! 

I’m not kidding, and these above shocking numbers already vouch for it.

With Such A Massive Market 

In The Weight Loss And Health And Fitness Niche, People And Even Businesses Are Willing To Pay Anything To Access Weight Loss-Related Products And Content Like… 

  • Weight loss articles, membership sites,
  • Weigh loss training videos and courses,
  • Weight loss guides and info-products,
  • Weight loss industry reports,
  • Health and fitness supplements,
  • Gym equipment,
No Wonder, Americans Spend $33 Billion+ Each Year on Weight-Loss Products!

So Just Imagine The Global Spending On Weight Loss Content And Products…

All I Want To Say Is That… 

You And Your Subscribers Have An Unseen Chance To Leverage This Evergreen Market Demand By Creating Weight Loss Niche Websites. 
Once You Have Your Weight Loss Niche Websites Created, You’ll Start Enjoying Making Top Dollars Instantly… Because You’ll Have Multiple Proven Ways To Do That!
  • Selling affiliate products related to weight loss niche listed on diverse platforms, such as Amazon, ClickBank, and others.
  • Selling weight loss courses, ebooks, and info products.
  • Selling leads generated from your weight loss website to local gymnasiums and yoga centers.
  • Selling website banner space or creating sponsored content for brands
  • Via enabling Google Adsense
  • And Even by flipping your weight loss websites for top dollars

Wait, There’s A Big Catch!

Creating Profit-Pulling Weight Loss Websites Is Not A Child’s Play!

Come on… even if you decide to start everything from scratch today, then it’ll take anywhere between 6 months to 1 year to earn your 1st dollar.

Wondering why?

Because you’ll face fierce competition from top authority websites and brands in the weight loss niche.

Creating A Weight Loss Website On Your Own Comes With So Many Challenges!

  • Buying a domain, buying expensive website hosting.
  • Hiring an IT support staff to maintain and keep the website running.
  • Investing in website designers and development teams.
  • Buying expensive website-building tools that suck you into monthly fees.
  • Writing website content on your own that takes a lot of valuable time.
  • Hiring content writers.
  • Hiring an agency for running SEO and paid marketing campaigns.
  • Buying marketing tools & courses that hardly get you any traffic or results.

Thankfully, It’s Finally Your Time To Overcome All These Hurdles And Get Your Weight Loss Sites Created & Ready To Start Printing Dollars In No Time!

Yes, that’s pleasantly true! 

Because a revolutionary module is right here to help you and your tribe overcome all issues! 

All set to usher in the New Year with great success for you and your subs?


A Revolutionary 3-Click System Creates Self-Updating Weight Loss Websites That Are Loaded With Weight Loss Articles, Videos, Ebooks, PLRs & More…

Now, Your Clan Can Create & Monetize Weight Loss Sites In The Next 60 Seconds By Selling…

Weight Loss Affiliate Products, Courses, Info-Products, Website Banner Spaces, Google Adsense, Or By Flipping Site

Industry-First Website Creator App Creates Ready-To-Profit Websites In The Evergreen Hottest Weight Loss Niche In Only 60 Seconds!

1-Click System Lets You Add Unlimited Website Pages, Blog Articles, Contact Us, About Us, And Other Sections Super Fast

Built-In Content Generator Lets You Come Up With High-Quality Content Using Just A Single Keyword - Ready To Publish To Your Blogs In No Time!
Creates Fastest Selling Weight Loss Websites Without Writing A Single Word!

100% Self-Updating Websites - Nothing To Write Yourself, Or Hire A Content Writer! Everything Is DFY.
Website Theme Color Customization Available That Makes Your Website Feel New & Attract More Users!
No Website Design & Development Needed - Everything Is 100% Done For You!
Websites Come Loaded With DFY Weight Loss Articles, Ebooks, Videos, PLRs & Much More!
Self-Hosted Websites - No Need To Buy Domains, Hosting On Invest Anything On Tech Support!

Wait, It’s Not Yet The End!

DFY Weight Loss Sites Even Lets Your Patrons Earn Cool Money Online Without Effort!

Your subscribers can start offering weight loss website creation services to hungry buyers and charge any amount. Your clan gets to grab 100% of every sale made - without sharing the profits with anyone!

No kidding…

Trust me, it’s a golden ticket for your clan to start their own 5-Figure Website Development Agency Biz. They don’t have to invest thousands of dollars and do hard work day and night to start their dream website development agency business!

Because we are giving everything that is needed to start and profit by selling weight loss niche websites. Yeah, the magical Commercial License feature available inside the DFY Weight Loss Sites app makes it possible.

What does it mean?

It means that you and your clan is literally minutes away from unlocking insane money-making opportunity without struggling!

Watch How Easy It Is To Create Ready-To-Profit Weight Loss Sites Without Writing Any Word Or Without Any Tech Skills…

All Under 60 Seconds!

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60% Affiliate Commission On FE & 50% On The Funnel

DFY Weight Loss Sites - Front End ($17)

If you and your tribe want to create weight loss websites loaded with DFY content without design, development, and hosting hurdles, this FE version is a must-buy. It comes with some amazing features:
  • App creates a weight loss website in under 60 seconds.
  • An easy point-n-click system creates super attractive sites in only 3 steps.
  • No website design & development is required. Everything is 100% Done-For-You, from ready-to-profit websites to content.
  • Users can add unlimited webpages, including blog, about us, contact us, etc., sections with just 1 click.
  • 100% self-updating websites… No need to write any content, not even a single word!
  • No prior technical skills or web designing skills are needed.
  • The website comes loaded with DFY Weight Loss articles, videos, ebooks, PLRs, & more.
  • The built-in content generator creates unique articles using only a keyword that users can publish to their blog.
  • DFY Website comes with different color customization themes, allowing you to change the website's look and feel.
  • Self-hosted websites - no need to buy domains, hosting, or any tech support.
  • Lead generation is made easy with advanced opt-in forms.
  • Users can add banner adverts on their websites at multiple places & monetize their weight loss sites.
  • Users can monetize their Weight Loss sites by selling ClickBank and Amazon affiliate products, or selling their courses and info-products or activating Google Adsense, or by selling website banner spaces to brands, or flipping their website on platforms like Empire Flippers, etc.
  • Commercial license included helping you and your subs offer website building services to hungry buyers and start your 5-figure website development biz.

DFY Weight Loss Sites Unlimited ($43)

It is an unlimited version that lets your clan maximize their FE results with access to unrestricted app features:
  • Get unrestricted and unlimited access to the DFY Weight Loss Sites app and enjoy unlimited money-making opportunities.
  • Create unlimited weight loss websites without any restrictions. It means now you can build websites not for yourself but even for your clients and make even more money.
  • Add unlimited web pages for multiple categories to your websites without any restrictions.
  • Add visitor engagement and lead generation modules to your websites, such as Live chatbots and any third-party scripts that turn your websites into money-printing machines.
  • Add a comment box on your websites that drive visitor engagement.
  • Create custom audience buckets and build a targeted audience database by adding unlimited Google and Facebook pixels to their website
  • Build your weight loss websites on your domain with your logo and branding to become an authority in your niche.

DFY Weight Loss Sites Pro ($39)

This DFY Weight Loss Sites Pro pack lets your clan uncover some exclusive features and take their game to the next level: 
  • It comes with the automated DFY blog.
  • Content sources that will help users publish good weight loss blogs.
  • Ability to post on websites.
  • Collect leads directly into autoresponder from the website.
  • Action Base Popups for the website (On Land, Exit, Time Spent)
  • Amazon Add-ons to the websites.
  • Ability to automatically build Amazon Store inside the website and instantly adds 2nd income stream to their website.

DFY Weight Loss Sites DFY Sites Solution ($147)

Creating Your Own Weight Loss Website Is Not Easy! 

Even though you are getting everything done for you under front end version of this app, you may still feel overwhelmed and may not be able to setup your 1st site easily

You may not have the time to take the 1st step towards setting your weight loss niche site

You may still lack the expertise that is needed to setup a ready to profit weight loss website
And many other challenges…

But, It’s Time To Overcome All Hurdles & Enjoy Success!

Because You Won’t Have To Do Any Work To Get Your Weight Loss Niche Website Created, Designed & Written!

DFY Weight Loss Sites Traffic Automation ($39)

Is driving traffic becoming a hard nut to crack for your tribe? Don’t worry! This version comes with limited edition features to attract all those crazy traffic - minus the hard work!
  • Boosts traffic, unlike before.
  • Get keyword suggestions for your website.
  • Check positions of keywords.
  • Check the density of your desired keywords.
  • Generates backlinks for your website to generate more traffic.
  • 40+ Social media channels sharing.

DFY Weight Loss Sites Agency + Reseller ($97)

Making big bucks and having your profitable agency biz is now possible without doing anything on your own. The DFY Weight Loss Sites Agency pack makes all possible with excellent highlights:

Done-For-You Software Reseller Agency Pack 

You’ll be able to resell DFY Weight Loss Sites app to hungry buyers and keep 100% out of every sale made. It’s as simple as that - your profit is entirely yours!

- Done-For-You Sales Swipes Included

Ability To Sell Unlimited DFY Weight Loss Sites Accounts

You’ll be able to sell unlimited DFY Weight Loss Sites accounts to unlimited customers and finally unlock your way to make unlimited money making. 

Complete user management

    DFY Weight Loss Sites Bundle ($47)

    The Most Powerful DFY Weight Loss Sites Upgrade That Packs 4-In-1 Business Growth Tools To Drive Unlimited FREE Pinterest Traffic, Earn Cool Affiliate Income, And Create Money-Making Interactive Tours & Stores Without Hurdles!

    This 4-In-1 DFY Weight Loss Sites Bundle Suite Is Packed With Splendidly Amazing Modules With Fab Features!
    • Write & Publish Top-Quality Vacation Niche Content Using Trending YouTube Travel Videos And Turns Them Into Amazing SEO-Optimized Blog Posts In 60 Seconds.  
    • Free Flowing Yet Unseen Pinterest Traffic Without Hard Work
    • Rake In $50,000+ Every Month Without Facing Issues
    • Create A Money-Making Store & Tour In A Single Click

    Exciting Prizes Worth $3,000 Are Waiting For You During The Thrilling DFY Weight Loss Sites Launch!

    - Plus Multiple ‘Everyone Wins’ Daily Contest From Day 2 -

    You Need To Earn Twice Than The Amount Of The Prize In Order To Qualify For The Full Prize Money. If You Don’t Then You’ll Be Paid Out On A Pro-Rata Basis Based On The Commissions Made...

    Take A Look At Why These Leading Affiliates & Industry Experts

    Are Heaping Praises On Us! 

    “I’m well aware that the products of Venkata are always smashing hits. I’ve promoted their earlier products and enjoyed making some crazy money. I don’t have to face any issues because their customer support is also top-notch with all help 24X7. It’s a delight to endorse their products.”

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    Your JV Friend’s Art Flair

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    We Also Take Reciprocation Seriously!

    Reciprocation comes to us naturally, and we wear that on our sleeves with passion and pride.

    Yeah, we count all JVs’ products like our own and leave no stone unturned to promote in the biggest way!

    So, leave all your worries behind and join us to get your hands on some unseen commissions with DFY Weight Loss Sites! Yup, promote the DFY Weight Loss Sites launch; and we guarantee a 2x reciprocation for your next launch! That’s our promise!

    Got Stuck?

    Don’t Worry!

    Because We Are Here To Resolve All Your Queries & Help You Crush DFY Weight Loss Sites Promo!


    Affiliate Program – Terms And Conditions

    Before you join our Affiliate Program, go through the following pointers. You give your consent, and you are NOT allowed to do the below things if we approve you for the program.

    If you are found carrying on with any of the below points, we will terminate you from the program, and any commission whatsoever will stand forfeited without any reasons:

    1. Your total sales must be equal to or more than the prizes we are giving to become eligible for bonus rewards.

    2. You are NOT allowed to run negative PPC/iframe domain campaigns like ‘Author name/Product name scam.

    3. We would encourage you to keep away from using the raw affiliate link if you can. You can make the most of ‘Re-direct’ links in emails and website campaigns. And it should not be the direct affiliate link received by you. It will boost conversions for both of us – but the choice is yours!

    4. You can’t earn any commission if you make any purchase on your own. The commission for any ‘self’ purchase will be considered null and void and held back. (Things that you CAN do are subject to change without giving any notice in advance – you should keep yourself updated here).

    5. Any affiliate with less than 50 sales will have their payment status ‘delayed’. For all others, the commissions will be on an instant basis, but it also depends on the rate of refund. You can contact us to know if you are eligible for instant commissions.

    6. We are running a legal business. It means that we always showcase and represent only genuine products, their features, and their advantages to users. We will also request that you follow the same practice. If you are found using inaccurate information, misleading claims or bogus testimonials, or anything that is not in accordance with FTC Guidelines, then your affiliate account will be revoked instantly.

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